Valor for Veterans

Valor for Veterans

June 21, 2018 Off By RobertKuntz

Valor for Veterans is our Flagship Cause-Driven Non-profit effort by and between Sprocket Network and the Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ team.

Valor for Veteran’s Help Platform is already having a major impact on Veteran’s lives around the country.  It is a first-of-its-kind completely transparent Veteran Help Platform.

We’ve built and deployed the V4V platform with a system that allows supporters to see who needs what, who’s helping and what’s being done in the moment – in REAL TIME!!!. This is a great example of leveraging “built-in” accountability for a non-profit, as supporters can see how donated funds and other resources are being appropriated online in real time.

Learn more about the team behind Valor for Veterans by clicking here.