Sprocket Network, for Communities

Sprocket Network, for Communities

January 9, 2019 Off By RobertKuntz

Sprocket Network LLC is a “For Purpose Company” that was created by and between a VC Fund (Commonwealth Capital) and a software development firm, envisioning a “Cause Driven” business model designed to engage, educate and impact communities for good.

We build open community engagement platforms, all designed for maximum impact!

With the core of our company being a software development team, Sprocket Network was created as a “facilitator” and platform; a free set of online collaboration tools, apps, and items that facilitate positive change. All from consumer, to corporate, to non-profit, on to municipal… Sprocket Network LLC supports our communities in the following ways…

  • The HOPE Festival – Art, Music and Film Festival – for good! Six days of activities supporting six non-profit causes and initiatives. See main site post for more details.
  • UrbanRefit.org – Community Intranet for team and project management to support green tech, energy conservation, renewable/recycling projects, Green Wellness.
  • Clean Energy: Everything from Solar, Hydro and Wind Power, including EV Conversions from Consumer to Commercial and Municipal Vehicle Fleets (heavy equipment, semi-trucks, transport, etc.)
  • Recycling, Reusable, Repurposing, Closed-loop Systems
  • Retrofitting those back into our communities who want to give back
  • NoTailpipe.org – Convert your next car, or your current car, your favorite car to an Electric Vehicle (EV) – App to connect you with a local ASE Certified Technician who can do the conversion, locate your car across the local classified landscape if needed, and supply all of the resources necessary to get the job done. As a subdivision to NoTailpipe, we also have ElectricVehicle.life, an EV New and Resale Marketplace for consumers.
  • Green Tech Funding Node for CommonwealthCapital.com

Sprocket Network is launching community pilot programs and looking for community leaders to help spearhead these efforts. Contact us directly for consultation on any and all aspects of how we can help you better support your community for the coming changes in technology and social / community engagement.


Set up a meeting with your Sprocket Representative Today and let’s build a greener community and future together!



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