About Us

⚙ Sprocket Network LLC
is not just a technology or marketing team (though we excel at tech-marketing) We are partners with our portfolio companies in devising, developing and executing end-to-end brand and IP management technologies, as well as driving brand growth, revenues and success through custom and fully integrative technology marketing practices.

What We Do

Devise Digital Positioning Strategy
* Clearly and distinctly define the brand through carefully crafted branding, messaging and imaging for online list building campaigns and efforts
* Clearly define the positioning strategies within one’s market through critical messaging tied to target media penetration techniques
*  Strategize an over-arching “mission statement campaign” that will build and drive brand advocacy
* Craft the base platforms, websites, rich media, presentations, sales funnels, CRM, CMS, and social / digital footprint
Master Sales Distributor
*  Devise a “Master Marketing Plan” that drives all aspects of the technology marketing and management systems
* Master Marketing Plans may include custom social list building platforms and campaigns, custom sales funnels, custom supportive apps, PR efforts, stunts and campaigns, “crafted” viral marketing strategies, and more
* Create strategic relationships with key influencers to help drive exposure and revenues
* Work with the team experts to devise ongoing and fresh relevant media production to drive continued messaging and marketing campaigns
Optimize Revenue and Success Potential while Mitigating Risks of Failure
* Sprocket Network represents a missing element in many start-up and early stage companies.
* Investors in these types of companies demand that risk mitigators such as these are put into practice as part of their “corporate engineering” protocols
* Entrepreneurs and Companies benefit from the increased revenue and success potential
* Everyone wins…

See our story here: https://www.sprocket.cafe/about-us/

We are IMPACT driven for GOOD. Our focus is to make a huge difference in everything we do. We are excited for our Sprockets, both live and under development, and the amazing teams that are behind them.

If you would like to become a part of any of our teams “in action,” contact them directly on the appropriate site(s) listed on this website.

If you feel that you may have a project or connection that would benefit from a relationship with our organization, click the Contact Us button above. (Blockchain? Connect with us here: https://www.Sprocket.cafe)