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Created and supported by the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund-I and professionals like you!

Do you need to build your Company into a Results Driven, Cash-Generating Machine? Do you need to raise substantial amounts capital?

Commonwealth Capital has created the New Business Network™ to help cultivate quality deal flow for their V. C. Fund, Commonwealth Capital Income Fund - I

What can New Business Network™ do for you?

NBN can help you become more appealing to investors, partners, management and sales distribution channels.

The New Business Network™ will take you on a journey of engineering your start-up or early stage company in a manner that mitigates operational, regulatory/litigation and financial risks, and further optimizes the potential return for investors, all with a handful of easy applications and practices that are not available anywhere else.
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Are you Directorship material?

What's your area of expertise? Do you have a desire to support exciting new companies?

Are you an expert in your field or a professional in the legal, accounting, commercial or investment banking / venture capital industries? Are you ready to elevate to the next level of professionalism?

If so, consider mentoring for cash and equity compensation as an independent Director for a few start-up or early stage companies, through the Idea to IPO phases. Our Directors program keeps your earnings potential to a maximum and liability to minimum. Imagine mentoring 5 to 10 companies at $50,000 a year each, as an independent (1099) Director and receiving tax deferred equity, as well. Our start-up or early stage companies all follow the same cash and equity compensation protocol and agreements to minimize your risk and maximize your return.

We’ve been capitalizing start-up or early stage companies since 1998 and have many exciting opportunities you may want to consider. You risk nothing by signing up to be notified of the various opportunities available.

If you are interested and believe you have what it takes, click below to join our incubation platform (New Business Network) and start the process of becoming one of our Sprocket Directors™!
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We respect your privacy and will not share, rent or sell your private information.

What if you discovered the mother-load of the hottest new companies preparing for an IPO? What if these new companies learned how to do it right from the start? What if they were engineered to mitigate operational, financial and regulatory/litigation risks through a thoroughly automated set of corporate governance protocols? What if they have validated, third party “proof-of-concept” of their product or service with verifiable market data? What if they have attracted the top management in their respective industries?

Would you be interested in learning more about a potential pre-IPO investment in these companies?

These are companies that we invest in. Maybe you should too!

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We respect your privacy and will not share, rent or sell your private information.

Sprocket Network, LLC is a subsidiary of Commonwealth Capital LLC, the owner of Commonwealth Capital Income Funds-I & II.

The Sprocket Network™ is designed to incubate start-up and early stage companies in order to create quality deal-flow for Commonwealth Capital’s Funds, as well as other Investors.

As former Wall Street Investment Bankers, and experts in compliance matters related to selling securities, as well as experts in social media marketing and sales generation, we’ve been intimately involved with raising capital and establishing sales revenue, for start-up and early stage companies– exclusively, since 1998. Based on this experience, we’ve designed the Sprocket Blueprint™ as a simple, step-by-step, process that can lead any company from “Idea to IPO.”